Horizon GR7 Indoor Spinning Bike.
GR Series Indoor Cycles aren’t exercising bikes — they’re true indoor cycles created for people who want a more inspiring, more motivating, more engaging way to ride. Each thoughtfully designed GR Indoor Cycle is precision-engineered to bring the feel of...
R 21,479.62
Horizon 7.0IC Indoor Spinning Bike.
Bring the studio home with the connected 7.0IC fitness bike. The Horizon 7.0IC indoor bike is the perfect addition to your home gym and offers value for money packed with great features. Product Description:Bluetooth connectivity to connect to popular fitness...
R 14,335.01
Horizon C101 Indoor spinning Bike.
Ride to your favorite workout programs or enjoy interactive road races on the latest fitness apps, with the FTMS Bluetooth feature. Product Description:Console: 42 x 32 mm High -contrast LCD Window.Optimized seat and handlebar positioning.Pedals: A pedal cage with a...
R 9,938.33
Horizon Comfort 5 Upright Bike.
This upright bike features the Cardio Compass heart rate display, a gel seat that enhances comfort, and convenient storage. Product Description:Multi-position grips and upgraded gel seats provide maximum cycling comfort.Conveniently located towel hook and a water bottle holder.The wireless receiver...
R 15,342.58
Horizon EX59 Elliptical Trainer.
The well-designed Horizon EX59 Elliptical offers a polished and professional look with 9 exercise programs and 10 resistance settings. Enjoy a low-impact aerobic workout in the comfort of your own home. Product Description:Narrow Q-factor for reduced stress on hips and...
R 16,487.55
Horizon Paragon X Treadmill.
Experience the latest innovation in home treadmill running with the Paragon X Treadmill. Exclusive Air Runner Technology simulates trial running surfaces and routes from 10 races across the world. Now you can enjoy "off-road" running indoors. Complete with Variable Response Cushioning,...
R 36,913.90
Sold Out
Horizon 7.0AT Treadmill.
Product Description: It offers unmatched performance for you to enjoy a run at home and know that you selected the best treadmill.Run to your favorite playlist with the advanced Bluetooth features that stream through the integrated speakers.Easily fold away your home...
R 24,548.13
Horizon T202 Treadmill.
This straightforward treadmill offers 43 programs, an impressive motor, and a clean and simple design.  Product Description:Advanced Bluetooth connects to multiple devices to listen to music through integrated speakers.Easy to use: One-touch keys, allows to shift speed and incline.Easy to...
R 20,426.24
Horizon T101 Treadmill.
This best-selling treadmill is a global favorite for a reason, with Bluetooth speakers, an integrated fan, and a folding frame, the T101 offers great features for a cost-effective price.Product Description:Ideal for walkers and runners who want a no-fuss workout.Ease of...
R 16,670.75
Horizon TR5 Treadmill.
Get on and go with the Horizon TR5 home treadmill, easy to use and packed with the best features. Product Description:Built-in Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy playlists, movies, and shows without headphones.Clear, precise workout feedback includes distance, calories, time, speed,...
R 13,006.85
R 6,999.00 R 6,015.00
This Commercial grade stretch master is manufactured in Taiwan. Suitable for gym or home use to develop flexibility with the machine being completely self-operated by the user to choose the level of stretching they require. To operate, simply turn or...
R 6,999.00 R 6,015.00
Weight Plates.
The 7 Hole Weight Plates are made from high-quality integrated rubber combined with 7 hole full commercial steel plates. These plates bring a high level of accessory to the user in terms of weight training as they are so user-friendly!...
from R 277.00
Shua Home-Use Functional Trainer.
Product Type: Functional Trainer.The Shua Home-Use Functional Trainer is your ultimately ‘space-saving’ multi-purpose workout station. Having great quality features, being durable as well as compact, this station allows the user to accomplish many of their fitness goals in the comfort...
R 41,089.00 R 40,201.00
Power Gym Wheel.
The Power Gym Wheel is an advanced ab roller featuring recoil feedback for the user. With knee pads included, this ab roller allows the user to have a more intense core workout whilst also helping the user to stay stable...
R 863.00
Powercore Multi Adjustable Bench.
A Multi Adjustable Bench with comfortable upholstery and a high level of adjustability. This bench allows the user to perform various strength exercises such as leg and bicep curls etc. whilst also ensuring the user is comfortable. With thick upholstery...
R 4,533.00
Cast Iron Dumbbell and Barbell Set - 50kg.
The Loadable Dumbbell and Barbell Set feature a variety of cast iron weight plates as well as steel bars and components which allows the user to assemble loadable dumbbells and a bar. The entire product comes in a compact as...
R 3,999.00 R 3,715.00
Standard Boxing Bag Wall Bracket.
Standard size wall bracket, built to hang any punching bag securely from a concrete wall. Ideal for the gym or home use. The support arm extends 56cm from the wall to allow use all around the punching bag Description:Size: 56...
R 1,119.00
Title Freestanding Boxing Bag Stand.
This boxing bag stand will allow you to hang up to 3 punching bag options & is completely freestanding, perfect for home gyms.Description:Pro Swivel Type Included.Perfect for home gyms.Quality steel construction.Easy to install.Ideal for family use at home or smaller...
R 5,742.00
Title Boxing Double End Bag.
An essential tool for developing boxing skills, reflexes, and techniques. The Title double end bag is made of genuine leather, with a high-quality latex bladder and durable elastic cables.Product Description:Floor to Ceiling/ Double End Bag.All-leather construction.High quality Latex bladder.Reinforced top...
R 1,293.00
Title Boxing Headshot Bag.
The round shape of the headshot heavy bag is ideal for training different angles and punches. Hand-filled for the perfect density, feel, and weight.Product Description:Durable PVC shell.Strong webbing hanging straps with reinforced stitching.Suitable for: Boxing; Judo; Karate; Kick Boxing; Martial...
R 1,358.00
Title Boxing / Kicking Bag.
Sharpen your boxing skills with a Title vinyl heavy bag. A tough PVC cover designed to withstand the toughest use, hand-filled for the perfect density and feel.Product Description: Sizes:Medium: 65cm x 28cm/ 650mm x 280mm (H x Diameter) - 12.5kg.Large:...
from R 871.00
Kids Steel Climbing Wall With Ladder.
Freestanding on bar or wall bar-mounted – Fantastic for new Gymnasts in the making.Product Description:Climbing wall on one side with ladder on the other.Solid steel framework.Fun, colorful design.Ideal for kids' fun, fitness & agility.Great physical education & functional product.Offers various...
R 4,851.00
Title Angle / Uppercut Bag.
The wide upper target that angles down to a narrow bottom section, lets you train a number of different punches and angles. Great for working head movement and spacing too. Description:Quality vinyl finish.Strong webbing hanging straps with reinforced stitching.Suitable for:...
R 1,468.00
Powercore Home Functional Trainer + Smith Combo.
This functional trainer combined with a smith machine brings a high level of varied strength training to your home. Possessing many unique features such as an integrated smith machine, simple cable system, pec fly station along with a multi bench,...
R 19,899.00 from R 14,748.00

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