Dumbbells - Rubber Hex.
R 349.00 from R 203.00
Dumbbells - Rubber Hex.
Rubber Hex Dumbbells are made from top-quality materials to withstand the daily pounding they receive during your fitness workout. The dumbbell features a chrome grip and heavy-duty rubber fixed head. This rubber coating reduces wear and tear to your space...
R 349.00 from R 203.00
R 599.00 R 489.00
This bokken is made of durable polypropylene and is perfect for training. The blade is curved in a Samurai style. Product Description: 97cm in length.​​Delivery 3 to 7 days.
Free delivery nationwide.  
R 599.00 R 489.00
Weight Plates.
The 7 Hole Weight Plates are made from high-quality integrated rubber combined with 7 hole full commercial steel plates. These plates bring a high level of accessory to the user in terms of weight training as they are so user-friendly!...
from R 277.00
12kg Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
The 12kg Adjustable Dumbbell set is your answer to lightweight training. This set comes with adjustable dumbbell platforms allowing you to select the weight you want to use without any difficulty. By simply sliding the lever to your weight selection,...
R 3,699.00 R 2,929.00
Horizon GR7 Indoor Spinning Bike.
GR Series Indoor Cycles aren’t exercising bikes — they’re true indoor cycles created for people who want a more inspiring, more motivating, more engaging way to ride. Each thoughtfully designed GR Indoor Cycle is precision-engineered to bring the feel of...
R 21,479.62
Title Freestanding Boxing Bag Stand.
This boxing bag stand will allow you to hang up to 3 punching bag options & is completely freestanding, perfect for home gyms.Description:Pro Swivel Type Included.Perfect for home gyms.Quality steel construction.Easy to install.Ideal for family use at home or smaller...
R 5,742.00
Powercore Home Functional Trainer + Smith Combo.
This functional trainer combined with a smith machine brings a high level of varied strength training to your home. Possessing many unique features such as an integrated smith machine, simple cable system, pec fly station along with a multi bench,...
R 19,899.00 from R 14,748.00
Nunchaku Traditional.
The Nonchaku (also referred to as nunchuks in the English language) are among some of the most widely known Martial Arts weapons.Commonly used in Okinawan kobudo as a striking weapon, the Nunchaku was famously used by Bruce Lee in modern...
R 599.00 R 465.00
Sold Out
Inner Chest Guard.
The SMAI body protector has been manufactured for all Kumite and sports Karate purposes. Made to World Karate Federation specifications, the body protector can be used in all WKF events internationally. Chestguard is tested and approved to European Standard EN...
R 950.00 R 789.00
Kung Fu Shoes with Rubber Sole.
These traditional Kung Fu shoes are made of an elastic cotton outer layer while the interior provides extra comfort during training with an additional layer of cushioning. The shoes are finished off with rubber soles to prevent slipping. Product Description:...
R 899.00 R 613.00
Kettlebell Cast Iron.
R 399.00 from R 316.00
Kettlebell Cast Iron.
This cast iron kettlebell definitely has the upper hand over the regular dumbbell with its unique design similar to that of a cannonball with a handle attached, making it an effective tool when developing advanced proprioception by performing exercises like...
R 399.00 from R 316.00
Light Commercial Multi-Functional Trainer (Powercore)
This Light Commercial Multi-Functional Trainer is a machine which does it all. This piece comes as a smith machine, functional trainer, power cage, dip and chin up station combo. Perform hundreds of different exercises for each muscle with the tremendous...
R 27,999.00 R 22,138.00
Title Boxing Headshot Bag.
The round shape of the headshot heavy bag is ideal for training different angles and punches. Hand-filled for the perfect density, feel, and weight.Product Description:Durable PVC shell.Strong webbing hanging straps with reinforced stitching.Suitable for: Boxing; Judo; Karate; Kick Boxing; Martial...
R 1,358.00
CBD - Moisturising Face Cream.
Benefits:Vitalis CBD Moisturising Repair Cream keeps skin firm and healthy and may help calm and soothe skin irritation.Ingredients: 200 mg CBD per 100 ml bottle. The CBD isolate is 0.2% Aqua (Water), Stearic Acid, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut)...
R 299.00 R 209.00
CBD - Sleep Tinctures 600mg.
Vitalis CBD - Sleep combines the power of time-honoured herbal extracts with CBD. Valerian, lemon balm, passion flower, spirulina and CBD work synergistically to support tranquility and calm before bed. Slip into a gentle, restful slumber with Vitalis CBD -...
R 599.00 R 399.00
Retractable Baton - Self Defense.
Made of black steel, this retractable baton (21cm closed / 53cm open) is a great self-defense weapon. Product Description: A rubber handle helps prevent slippage.Black nylon sheath with belt loop included. ​​Delivery 3 to 7 days.
Free delivery nationwide.  
R 699.00 R 569.00
Foam Nunchaku With Chain.
Great for learning new skills. Foam padded nunchakus with ball bearing swivel chain and black dragon image on handles. Product Description: Handle measures 28cm in length. ​​Delivery 3 to 7 days.
Free delivery nationwide. 
R 399.00
Head Guard With Face Mask.
Reduce the risk of a broken nose or a blue eye with this great head guard. A plastic cage limits access to the face and helps absorb blows to the rest of the head during sparring.   Product Description: Head guard...
R 979.00 R 865.00
Facial Steamer.
R 499.00 R 299.00
Facial Steamer.
HIGHLIGHTS:Intense cleaning3 gear controlsEfficient HydratingRespiratory TherapySuitable for facial and nasal treatmentClean your face with the Facial Steamer, it opens pores, cleanses and cares for facial skin.It is perfect for deep cleansing and promotes easy breathing as it has a concentrated...
R 499.00 R 299.00
Sold Out
Immunity Plus - Natural antibiotic alternative helps to heal & boosts immunity
Immunity Plus contains a selection of herbal ingredients known to have a positive effect on the immune system, as well as on the liver. It is therefore an excellent immune system tonic and may be used as a natural antibiotic...
R 260.00
Sold Out
Throat & Tonsil Dr - Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis & sore throats
Throat and Tonsil Dr is a safe and 100% natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients especially chosen to relieve sore throats and clear infections, while helping the body to heal itself and maintain natural defenses. Presented in small sucking tablets...
R 299.00 R 260.00
Horizon 7.0IC Indoor Spinning Bike.
Bring the studio home with the connected 7.0IC fitness bike. The Horizon 7.0IC indoor bike is the perfect addition to your home gym and offers value for money packed with great features. Product Description:Bluetooth connectivity to connect to popular fitness...
R 14,335.01
Horizon C101 Indoor spinning Bike.
Ride to your favorite workout programs or enjoy interactive road races on the latest fitness apps, with the FTMS Bluetooth feature. Product Description:Console: 42 x 32 mm High -contrast LCD Window.Optimized seat and handlebar positioning.Pedals: A pedal cage with a...
R 9,938.33
Horizon Comfort 5 Upright Bike.
This upright bike features the Cardio Compass heart rate display, a gel seat that enhances comfort, and convenient storage. Product Description:Multi-position grips and upgraded gel seats provide maximum cycling comfort.Conveniently located towel hook and a water bottle holder.The wireless receiver...
R 15,342.58

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