Bassinet rocker 5 in 1.

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This Baby Rocker / Bassinet 5 in 1 is suitable for new born till 36 months+

It can be utilized in 5 ways:

1) Rock sleeper - adjustable or removable awning to create a quiet space for the baby, so the baby may have a more stable sleep.
Music vibration box - soft and soothing vibration with built in music making it easier for the baby to fall asleep.

2) Dream center - removable chair foot making it easier to place the bassinet on the bed for the safety of the baby.

3) Rock and play - retractable feet support to allow easy swinging motion to soothe the baby.
Adjustable front cradle allows for easy interaction with the baby.
Adjustable back support allows 5 different seat / sleep settings.

4) Travel bed - easy removal of bassinet to make it easy to carry around.

5) Comfort seat - can be used as a seat for children over 18 months.

This item requires assembly.

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