MMA Shutte Gloves.

MMA Shutte Gloves
R 850.00 R 685.00

SMAI Pro Shute Gloves are the best MMA training and sparring gloves on the market if you want to train full contact without splitting or causing serious injury. As traditional MMA gloves are manufactured with a thin foam layer whereas the injection moulded foam gives added comfort by being moulded to the natural shape of your fist. The injection moulded foam reduces impact from full force blows for your opponents letting you train MMA striking with a slight margin for error to protect you and your opponent to help develop your skills before moving towards a 4oz competition glove. The double wrap wrist gives a great amount of support and the open palm design gives you a full range of hand motion for grappling, grabbing, and holding pads making this glove a great alternative to traditional bag gloves for circuit training.

Product Description:

Material: Artificial leather.
Injection moulded foam.
Wrist support.

Delivery 3 to 7 days.

Free delivery nationwide.


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